Tour KUA 05 – Village Tour (3 hours)


Travel towards the direction of Cherating. Stop to visit Beserah Fishing Village and the famous black stone beach. Proceed to visit a handicraft center to see batik printing and pandanus leave waving. View cottage industry conducted by the locals such as making brown sugar from juice drawn from the coconut tree. Also view, how monkeys are being train and use to pluck coconuts. Ends the tour with a visit to Kuantan Town.


Tour KUA 06 – Lake Chini Tour (7 hours)


Take a scenic drive through the countryside passing through local villages. The journey to Lake Chini is slightly more than an hour. Upon arrival at the jetty, take an interesting boat ride along a narrow river into the interior of Lake Chini. You guide will point to you the different species of plants and some of the animal’s fount in and around Lake Chini. The river will opens out to the lake and you will find many lotus plants floating on the lake. Explore this mysteries lake and visit an aboriginal settlement to see the primitive lifestyle of the local tribe.