Tour KCH 04 – Kuching City/Museum (3 hours)


This is a comprehensive tour where you can see all the places of attraction around this historical city.  The tour begins with a drive to see the gigantic Cat Status (mascot of the city) before cruising through China town and a stop at the Tua Pek Kong temple (1876) – the oldest in Sarawak.  From the temple, you can get a good view of the imposing Fort Margherita (1879) now serves as a police museum.  Proceed to the modern Civic Center for a panoramic view of the city from its tower block. En route to the State Mosque, you will drive pass the St.Joseph Cathedral, the Syariah (Muslim) Court, the Satok Suspension Bridge (1926) and traditional Malay houses built on stilts. Look out for the majestic looking Astana (1870) – former palace of the White Rajah but now the official residence of the Governor of Sarawak, and the old Colonial Law Court House – complete with a Clock Tower and a granite obelisk built in memory of Rajah Charles Brooke.

The highlight of the tour will be a visit to the Sarawak Museum, which is acknowledged as one of the finest in the world.  It is a treasure house of artifacts and exhibits possess great archaeological and cultural significance.

Tour KCH 05- Semonggoh Orang Utan (3 hours)


The Semonggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is located about 22km from Kuching.  It is the only one of its kind in Sarawak.  Set up in 1975, the 740 hectares of virgin forest is home to orang utans, honey bears, hornbills, porcupines, storks, eagles, barking deer and monkeys.  Most of these animals were rescued from captivity and are being rehabilitated here in their natural surroundings.  It takes about 30 minutes from the city and a 1.6km walk (20 minutes) which snakes through lush tropical rainforest. This tour provides an opportunity of a lifetime to observe how the orang utans are being rehabilitated and trained to fend for themselves before being released into the wild.  Visitors are allowed to study and observe the orang utans at a distance.

Tour KCH 06 – Gunung Gading National Park (daytrip with lunch)

Morning, depart Kuching for 2 hours drive to Gunung Gading National Park and en route visit Bau – a predominantly dayak trading town and the Fairy Cave.  The 120km journey passes through scenic countryside of rice fields, rubber, cocoa, pepper plantations which intermingles with luxuriant tropical forest, rivers and mountain ranges to arrive at Lundu town for lunch.  Proceed to the Park’s information center, then trek through the primary forest to study the fauna, flora and where one can find the biggest flower in the world (Rafflesia flower). Depart to Pandan Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches for a swim before return to Kuching.  (L)

Tour KCH 07 – Jong’s Crocodile Farm (3 hours)


It is situated 30km south of Kuching City.  a pleasant 40 minutes drive, which passes through scenic countryside of rice fields, rubber, cocoa, pepper plantations which intermingle with the luxuriant tropical forest to get to the farm.  The mini-zoo has a monstrous collection of crocodiles – about 1,500 of them.  All these dangerous amphibians are housed in concrete enclosures according to their ages.

The availability of statistics and pictures on the life cycle of this last member of the dinosaur family provide visitors to the farm a rather comprehensive insight into the chilling crocodile kingdom. Jong’s Crocodile Farm also keeps a fine collection of other animals including pheasants, hornbills, monkeys, pythons, deer, wild boars, civet, peacocks, sun bears, tortoise and monitor lizards.

Tour KCH 08 – Sarawak River Cruise (3 hours)

The history of modern Sarawak began when an English adventurer James Brooke sailed up the Sarawak river in his schooner in 1839.  Retrace this historic route with a boat ride down the same river that still bustles with its charm.The trip also offers a panoramic view of the fast developing Kuching City, where old buildings standing amidst modern ones give the place a quaint character.  Although Kuching has undergone much development over the years, the waterfront still retain its old charm.  This contrasting picture is readily apparent with a river cruise where one will notice the commercial growth on one side of the river and the idyllic village lifestyle on the other. The cruise passes through the Waterfront Esplanade, the many historical and beautiful landmarks such as the Fort Margherita, the Astana, the gilt – Domes Mosque, Brooke Dockyards, Market Place, traditional Malay houses built on stilts and a Chinese fishing village.

Tour KCH 09 – Sarawak Cultural Village (4 hours)


Located about 34km from the city, the award winning Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV) is a refreshing and unique “living museum” sitting on a sprawling 17 – acre site at the foothills of the legendary Mount Santubong.  It has 7 representative ethnic houses – Bidayuh Longhouse, Iban Longhouse the Penan Hut, the Orang Ulu Longhouse, the Melanau House, the Malay House and Chinese Farm House.

These houses are built according to authentic styles and replete with real, traditional artifacts.  SCV is known as a “living museum” because natives live in its houses and make handicrafts.  A trip here will enable you to gain a rather comprehensive insight into the colourful traditional and cultures of the various races in Sarawak.  Watch how the womenfolk make intricate bead-necklaces and baskets, observe their traditional cooking methods, admire the refined skills of their male counterpart in handling the deadly blowpipe, making the Parang ilang (ceremonial sword) or casting their fishing nets into the man-made lake.

SCV also has an air-conditioned theater where daily “live performances” highlighting the many colorful dances of the people of Sarawak are presented.

Tour KCH 10 – Annah Rais Longhouse (4 hours)

Morning, depart Kuching for an hour drive to reach Annah Rais, a Bidayuh Longhouse with about 120 families, located about 75km from the city. It is straddled in an isolated valley guarded by four mountains – this strategic position has helped the villages here ward off headhunting attacks in the past.  The journey passes through scenic country side, rice fields, rubber, cocoa and pepper plantations which intermingles with luxuriant tropical forest, rivers and mountain ranges. Tour the longhouse with your guide and observe the leisure-paced lifestyle of the natives.  Among the interesting relics here are the “Cannon of Peace” and several human skulls are about 100 years old kept at the headhouse “Baruk”. Cool off at a nearby stream and return to Kuching.

Tour KCH 11 – Bako National Park (day-trip with lunch)


Morning, depart Kuching for a 45 minutes drive which passes through mangrove forest with its unique nipah palms before arriving at the Bako Fishing Village.  Continue by a motorized boat for a 30 minutes cruise along the coast facing the South China Sea to reach Bako National Park.  After visiting the Park’s information and exhibition center, proceed to the park’s western end by trekking through mangrove forest to observe the mud skippers and blue-fiddler crabs, Paku trail to look-out for Proboscis Monkey, climb to the plateau which is home to various botanical delights and several species of the carnivorous pitcher plants.  Notice the changes of the vegetation (mangrove, rainforest, kerangan and padang forest) After lunch, explore the eastern part of the park by trekking through the forest with monstrous rainforest trees, indulge in bird watching and observe other wildlife. Return to Kuching in the late afternoon.   (L)

Rainforest Kayaking Adventure (08:00 – 14:00hrs) – ex KUCHING


This is a ‘must-do’ experience for nature lovers and the adventurous and outdoor person visiting Kuching to experience our rainforest river.

After about 60 minutes drive from Kuching, you are transported to the mist covered hill sides of Borneo Highlands with undulating terrain dotted by small scale pepper farms where you’ll alight at Bengoh, a Bidayuh village and staging point for journeys by foot or rivers deep into the interiors.  Here you’ll be given brief paddling instructions and safety briefing before proceeding down some steps to a small tributary to embark on our kayaking adventure.  This shaded steam with overhanging trees, steep banks and a bridge overhead has just enough room for your kayaks to get through and meanders a short distance before opening into the vista of Sg. Sarawak Kiri.

A quarter of the way floating down the river we’ll alight at Kg. Canu just after the pedestrian suspension bridge to stretch our lets and to have a short walk to have a look at this delightful Bidayuh village. We will then continue our relaxing journey with lush vegetation on both banks and will stop by a sandy bank beneath soaring limestone hills at the half way point but not before getting past an ‘exciting’ Class 1 to 2 (depending on the water volume and flow) rapid!.

Just before we reach the end of the journey we’ll kayak beneath a huge rock outcrop.  The trip ends at Kg. Semadang, follow-by lunch before return journey back to Kuching.

Note:    Closed during the wet season (December to February)

Santubong/Salak/Wetland Cruise Ex-Kuching (3 – 4 hours) 

Late afternoon, depart from Kuching for a 40 minutes drive to the Boat Club, then board a motorized boat (7m x 2m) to cruise through the Mangrove Forest to study the flora and fauna.  Somewhere near the mouth of the Santubong river, the Irrawady dolphines are quite easily spotted before proceeding along the Salak River / Kuching Wetland National Park to look for Probocsis monkeys and other wildlifes.  As it get dark, proceed along the mangrove forest to search for Crocodiles and to witness fireflies lighting up the nights.  Return to the Boat Club and transfer by van back to Kuching.

Note:    Closed during the wet season (December to February)


Tour KCH 12 – Bako National Park (2Days/1Night fullboard)

Day 01 – Morning, depart Kuching to Bako National Park. Proceed to visit the information and exhibition center for orientation and check-in at the Park’s Guesthouse.  Stroll along the headquarters compound to see monitor lizards and macaques and familiarize yourself with the environment. After lunch, proceed to explore the park’s western end by trekking through mangrove forest to observe the mud-skippers and blue-fiddler crabs, Paku trail look-out for Proboscis Monkey, climb to the plateau which is home to various botanical delights and several species of the carnivorous pitcher plants.  Notice the changes of vegetation, return to the guesthouse for dinner and overnight (L, D)

 Day 02            - Early morning, go for bird watching along the Telok Assam Bay before returning for breakfast.   Explore the eastern part of the park by trekking through the forest that has monstrous rainforest trees, indulge in bird watching and observe other wildlife.  Return to Kuching in the late afternoon.   (B, L)

NOTE:-   Dress casually, wear tennis shoes or thongs, swim suit, bring along binocular, insect repellent, touch light and raincoat.

Tour KCH 13 – Batang Ai River/Longhouse (3Days/2Nights fullboard)

Day 01            – Morning, depart Kuching for 4½ hours leisure drive to the Batang Ai Jetty.  There will be three stopovers along the route:-  I) Serian, a predominantly Dayak trading town,   II) Chinese farm house to see how pepper and cocoa are grown and (III) at Lachau for lunch.   The journey passes through scenic countryside of rice fields, rubber, cocoa, pepper and oil palm plantations, which intermingle with luxuriant tropical rainforest, rivers and mountain ranges.  Upon arrival at the river jetty, proceed by motorized longboat for about one hour, crossing the Batang Ai Reservoir passing through scenic views, rice fields, fish farms and clear water to reach the longhouse. Check in at the guesthouse. Proceed to the longhouse for a warm welcome by the natives, which comprises of  “miring” (welcoming rituals) and cultural dances.  Tour the longhouse, watch the natives at work such as making mats, baskets, handicrafts and mending fishing nets. Join the natives in their daily chores, like feeding their livestock, washing clothes, swim in the river or just relax at the riverbank.   After dinner at the longhouse with the headman, socialize with the longhouse dwellers where there will be presentation of gifts and more cultural performances before retiring for the night in the guesthouse.   (L,D)

Day 02            – After breakfast, witness cock-fighting and blowpipe demonstration. Proceed  with longboat, going further up the river negotiating more rapids, tricky bends, fishing, making a few stops to collect jungle produce.  Trek through the forest to learn more about the forest privy.  Return to the river bank for a native style picnic lunch, drift down the river by paddling and piling in the clear water to reach the guesthouse for dinner and overnight stay.    (B, L, D)

Day 03            – After breakfast, return by longboat to the jetty, then by coach to Kuching, with lunch en route.   (B,L)

NOTE:- Dress casually, wear tennis shoes or thongs, swim suit, insect repellent, touch light and raincoat.

Annah Rais Homestay Ex-Kuching – 2Days/1Night Fullboard

Day 01 – At 08:00hrs, pick-up at the hotel in Kuching City and transfer by van (about 75 minutes) to Annah Rais Longhouse.  The journey will pass through the countryside, palm oil estate, paddy field and scenic view of mountain ranges before arriving at the longhouse.

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by your home stay coordinator with a welcome drink, introduced to your “adopted family” and check-in to your room.   Then, get ready for trekking through the tropical rainforest to learn more about the flora, fauna and the various herbs that are used traditionally for healing.  The trekking will bring you to the stunning 3-tier waterfall to enjoy a dip or swim in the crystal clear water.

Picnic lunch (native style) will be prepared while you absorbed the beauty of the nature.   After lunch, return to the longhouse and have a short rest.     Take a guided tour of the longhouses to learn more about the local lifestyle, activities and make more friends.    Return to your “family house” and you can help to “prepare” home-cook dinner for the family.  During the dinner, you will meet all the family members like a big happy family.

For the evening, you can either choose to rest, chit-chat with your family members, walk around the longhouse or opt for a guided night walk through a small stream to see the nightlife before retiring for the night.  (LD)

Day 02 – Breakfast, bid goodbye to your friends, family before returning by van to Kuching with a visit to a pottery factory en route.  (B)